Dan and Serena are forever.


Dan & Serena - Somebody That I Used To Know

I just want to cry okay?

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momsenz asked: Hello :> So I'm making a photoset for each of my GG ships & I was wondering if you know any good quotes between Derena. Thank you in advance! (: xx

"No one’s ever looked at me the way you just did" Serena to Dan in 1.7, "You’re worth more than a guest lecture fee. Everyone knows that, I just wish you did" Dan to Serena in 4.8. Two of my favorites:)

Anonymous asked: I cry on your posts,I totally agree about Derena and all what you shared...if they are not the endgame Gossip Girl made a huge mistake and they were wasting their times...

I know, it’s hard not to get emotional when looking back on Derena’s past and all the wonderful things they’ve shared. They really were perfect. Season 5 was really difficult to stomach, because I have never seen Dan treat someone so badly before especially not Serena. But even though season 5 sucked, I still have faith that Derena are endgame. There is too much history and love there to just end them for good, and I always notice that the couple on a show who  goes through the worst obstacles is always the endgame couple. If Derena were over, they wouldn’t have had a huge scene in the season 5 finale. Besides all of this, remember that the creators of the show who are back calling the shots, consider Derena as well as Chair, “the show.”